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Student ID’s

PCPS is requiring all middle and high school students to wear student ID’s whenever they are on campus.  The first badge was provided free of charge.  Students must have their badges on when they arrive on campus, or they will be sent to the office for a new one.  The replacement cost for an ID badge is $5 per badge and $1 for the lanyard.  The students will receive a $5 (plus $1 for lanyard) obligation for every replacement ID.  Please make sure you wear your badge outside your clothing every day.

Principal's Message

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Denison Middle School. We are extremely proud of the programs we offer our students and encourage you to become involved in your student’s education.

Our commitment to excellence is our promise to you and our expectation of every student. We look forward to this school year with great excitement and hope that each of our students will have a rewarding and successful year.

Terri Christian,


School-Wide Expectations


  • P repare to learn
  • A ct responsibly
  • W ork cooperatively
  • S how respect

Listed above are the behavioral expectations for all students attending Denison Middle School. These expectations are an integral part our school climate and culture. Throughout the school year, students and staff will focus on each listed expectation.

PBS (positive behavior support) is a preventative and positive approach to discipline. Students are educated and rewarded when they are able to demonstrate the established school-wide expectations. As a result, students achieve meaningful and durable behavior and lifestyle outcomes.

Arrival & Dismissal

For safety reasons, drop off and pick up of students must occur in designated areas. Car riders and walkers must be dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon on the west end of campus (4th St.). Bus drop off and pick up takes place on the east end of campus (by the stadium).

Students gather in the morning before school in the picnic areas at the back of the school. Students are not to arrive at school before 8:30 am.

Students are to leave the school campus immediately following the afternoon dismissal unless participating in a school activity.


For excused absences, parents are to call the Attendance Office at 291-5353 and report the absence from 8:15 am-9:00am  on the day of the absence and call daily on any subsequent absences.

Absences of a non-emergency nature must be prearranged through the office and approved by the principal. A prearranged absence form must be picked up from the Attendance Office and completed within a reasonable time prior to the absence.


State Law requires that all riders must wear a helmet to and from school. Bicycles must be parked in the fenced in area provided on the west end of the campus. No bicycles are to be left overnight.

Bookbags & Backpacks

Student materials are to be kept in a 3-ring binder or Trapper Keeper. Book bags, backpacks, canvas totes, book satchels, briefcases, draw string bags, athletic bags, etc. are not permitted on campus and will be confiscated.

Cafeteria Policy

Breakfast is served each morning from 8:30-850. Students who plan to eat breakfast are expected to report to the cafeteria immediately upon arrival to school. Having breakfast is not an acceptable tardy excuse. Students must  place money into their cafeteria account before school in the mornings. The cafeteria cashier will not provide change back. Students who wait to place money in their account during lunch will not be permitted to purchase from the a la carte line.

Checking In & Out

Students who arrive to school after the tardy bell rings must report to the Attendance Office. Parents of students who need to check out of school during the day must present photo identification to the attendance secretary. The person checking the student out of school must be on the student’s emergency card and at least 18 years old. Please keep the emergency card updated of phone number and/or address changes.


Students who become ill during the school day may obtain a clinic pass from their teacher to report to the clinic. If the illness is of such a nature that the student cannot return to class and should go home, the parent will be called. Parents are requested to make certain that the school has at least one emergency phone number on the student emergency card in case there is no one at home. The purpose of the clinic is to assist students who incur minor injuries. The clinic, by law, CANNOT give medications to students unless a Medication Form for the student is on file in the clinic.


The school will NOT accept balloons, flowers, gifts, etc. delivered to the school for students. Buses will not allow these items to be transported home.


Teacher detentions can be served either in the morning or afternoon. Students will be given one day’s notice of any detention to be served.


Students are expected to be responsible for their actions, attitudes, and behaviors. The Polk County School Board requires that each student adhere to the rules and regulations established in the Student Code of Conduct. In addition, students are expected to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the administrators at the school. Compliance with the disciplinary measures assigned for violating the rules and regulations is also expected.

Disciplinary measures for district and school rule violations are outlined in the Polk County Student Code of Conduct and the School-wide Discipline Plan and will be administered to students who are found to be in violation of the rules.

Dress Code Policy

Click the link below for more information

Dress Code

Emergency Drills

In keeping with Florida law, monthly emergency drills will be conducted throughout the school year. Students are expected to remain with their teacher at all times and to follow their teacher’s instructions without hesitation.

On occasion, it is necessary for the campus to initiate high alert safety measures (i.e. lockdown). These are coordinated with local law enforcement. In the event of a lockdown, no one off campus is allowed to gain entrance to the campus.

Field Trips

In order to participate in any field trip, students must have a 2.0 GPA and no OSS referrals for the semester.


Guidance services are provided for and available to all students. The focus is on academic planning, career guidance, and social and emotional growth. Students who wish to see a counselor must complete a Request for Conference form that is available in the guidance office. The student will then be called to guidance at an appropriate time. The guidance and administrative staff will handle emergencies immediately. Please contact your student’s guidance counselor at 291-5353 to schedule an appointment.

Internet Viewer Access

Parents who sign an Internet Access form for their student are provided Internet access to their student’s grades. Parents must sign a notarized form to access the Parent Internet Viewer.


Lockers will be assigned in PE for physical education use only. Locks for lockers must be rented from the school.

Make-Up Work

Upon returning to school, students may make up work missed because of an absence. It is the student’s responsibility to request this work from their teachers. Make up assignments will only be provided when the student returns to school. Homework assignments for extended absences may be requested through the Guidance Office.

Media Center

The Media Center is open 8:30 – 3:40. Students may check out two books at a time for a two-week period. Books may be renewed once. Magazines and reference materials may be checked out overnight.

Accelerated Reader books are shelved with the rest of the Media Center collection. An AR label on the spine identifies Accelerated Reader books. Students may take tests on books within their reading level as determined by STAR placement testing. If a student tests at the top end of his reading level and achieves 100% on three tests, the reading level will be adjusted.


Students are not allowed personal possession of medicine while at school.
All medicines (prescriptive and non-prescriptive) require a doctor signed Medication form and must be in an appropriately identified container. Parents MUST bring all medication to school and pick it up to take home at the end of the school year. Medications left at the end of the year will be destroyed. Medication forms are available in the Clinic and the Main Office.

Parent Conferences

The Guidance Office will assist parents wishing to schedule a meeting to speak with their student’s teachers. Parent conferences are held during the day when the teachers have designated planning and conference time.

Prohibited Items

Students may not possess the following items on school property or at school events without the explicit written permission of the administration:

  • MP3 players, cell phones, beepers, cameras, electronic toys, or any other electronic devices of distraction
  • Gambling devices such as dice, playing cards
  • Backpacks or sling bags of any size
  • Tobacco products, cigarette lighters, matches, drugs, alcoholic beverages, inhalants, or any such look-a-like
  • Firecrackers, fireballs, cherry bombs, stink bombs, etc.
  • Gang paraphernalia such as rags, bandannas, jewelry, etc.
  • Weapons, look-a-like weapons, knives, screwdrivers, or other items designed or easily used to cause physical harm
  • Medications or pills
  • Animals, pets
  • Skateboards

School Bus Transportation

Bus transportation is provided for students residing more than two miles from school. Students whose behavior jeopardizes the safety of the driver of the students will face consequences in accordance with the Polk District Code of Conduct. Alternative transportation arrangements (getting off at a different stop, riding home on the bus with a friend, etc.) must be approved by transportation office at 534-7307. Bus delay information is also available on the Polk County Schools website at in the Parents section.

School Grounds

Denison Middle School is a closed campus. After students arrive on campus, students may NOT leave the campus without checking out through the attendance office.

Telephone Use

The Attendance Office will contact parents in case of illness or injury.

Students will not be called out of class to accept phone calls. All afternoon arrangements must be made every morning before your student leaves for school.

Student cell phones must be OFF and not seen or heard during the time that the student is on campus.


Students are responsible for assigned books. If the book is lost or damaged, the student will be fined for the cost of the book.


Denison Middle School welcomes visitors to our campus. All visitors must report to the Main Office and are entered in the FAST-PASS identification system. A valid Florida driver’s license or Florida identification card is required. Once entered and approved a visitor’s badge will be provided.

Volunteer Programs

All parents, community members, and business partners are encouraged to become involved in our students’ education through our county volunteer program. To become an approved volunteer, the county requires that you complete an application. For safety reasons, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement screens all volunteers.

Polk County Equity Statement

The School Board of Polk County shall maintain a learning environment free from harassment based on race, color, national origin or language spoken, religion, sex, marital status, age, handicap, or homelessness. Students shall not be excluded from participating in any educational program or activity provided in the schools in Polk County based on race, color, national origin or language spoken, religion, sex, marital status, age, handicap, or homelessness.